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GGCET ST Xaviers International School

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Play school and Junior School
Education in GGCET ST Xaviers International School begins right from the nursery or playschool level to Standard IX or Junior School. There are four sections in every standard comprising 40 students in each with a class teacher dedicated to every section apart from teachers for specialized subjects and physical education.
Knowledge Management Initiative
Modeled on the American warden system of education adopted in all the good schools of the United States the GGCET Knowledge Management initiative is aimed at achieving instructional synthesis by striving to standardize educational delivery. For a large educational set-up of the type that GGCET would evolve into – 20 schools across the country, such standardization is invaluable.

The very framework of our student-centered learning system is based on the GGCET Knowledge Management initiative at the core of which is our educational delivery mechanism. This is a research driven initiative involving a core team of our best brains working together to continually develop a system of imparting education based on a student-centric plank.

At the core of our student-centered approach is an activity-based system of learning as opposed to the traditional classroom based top-down system of imparting education. Our teaching staff is systematically trained in the use of the tools developed by our Knowledge Management team to impart education to our pupils. Worldwide research has proven time and again that activity based learning is the best way to impart education to children.

The other vital and interesting aspect of the GGCET Knowledge Management initiative is the standardized scheduling of our educational delivery. This means that on a given day every class would receive the same lessons as their counterparts spread all over the country. We have strived for this level of standardization with the objective of maximizing teaching intensity since this allows our teachers to focus on their pupils with a proven and superior methodology.
In this manner GGCET ST Xaviers International School ensures that the essence of our learning system revolves primarily around the interaction between the teacher and the pupil. Our teaching staff is not required to worry about devising methods of educational delivery and this allows them to focus on the scientifically proven and superior methodology of our Knowledge Management initiative. Undoubtedly, this is the way learning ought to be delivered.


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